Professional Laboratory Safety


UNIV 600 Course

Laboratory safety skills are in high demand by academic and non-academic employers, alike. Our new UNIV 600 course, offered in partnership with the Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety, is designed to equip you with the very skills needed to keep you safe and successful in your research. You will receive a hands-on experience that is personalized for your discipline.

UNIV 600 (one credit hour, S/U/I grading) will give you an opportunity to learn from experts in industry, government and the nonprofit sector, expose you to the latest research and tools and train you in emergency response and laboratory inspections.

This course is available to all graduate students doing laboratory research in the following disciplines:

  • biology
  • chemistry and biochemistry
  • geology and environmental geosciences
  • mechanical and electrical engineering
  • physics
  • psychology neuroscience
  • educator licensure
  • visual and performing arts

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