Future Professoriate Program

The Future Professoriate Program was designed for doctoral students for these two purposes:

  • To recognize the efforts of those preparing to enter the professoriate.
  • To supplement mentoring and professional development to enhance job readiness to enter a career in higher education.

If you are accepted into the program and complete all requirements, you will receive a Certificate in College Teaching, which will include a notation on your official transcript. You will also develop a higher education portfolio, an approved collection of documents that can be used to help distinguish yourself in an applicant pool.


To apply, you must be:

  • Classified as a doctoral student and employed on a graduate assistantship.
  • Able to complete certificate requirements within a two year period.


  • Make an appointment with the co-coordinators of Graduate Career and Professional Development Office to discuss your application and requirements for completion.
  • Complete with a satisfactory ("S") grade or a grade higher than "C" either:
    • UNIV 595: Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies Seminar (one credit hour; pass/fail grading) or
    • An approved discipline-based teaching strategies course.
  • Participate in four approved workshops offered through the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center.
  • Participate in two approved workshops offered by the Graduate School Career and Professional Development Office focused on seeking a faculty position in higher education.
  • Engage in a two semester mentored teaching experience, either as instructor of record or as a teaching assistant.
  • Submit for review and approval a higher education portfolio, which must include a philosophy of teaching statement, research statement, sample cover letter, sample CV, sample syllabi, teaching evaluations by students, and assessment(s) by your mentor of your teaching and research.


To be considered, please complete the Future Professoriate Program Application.

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